The Hague is known internationally as city of peace and justice. The city of residence of Dutch Royalty is the cradle of rich musical traditions, where many jazz and classical musicians started their careers. The Hague hosts the Royal Conservatoire with its world renowned baroque and composition departments, for years was hosting the world’s largest indoor jazz festival, the North Sea jazz Festival and is one of Hollands most progressive cities, where also improvised and contemporary music are presented at festivals like Crossing Border, Winternachten etc..

The Hague is home to 30.000 expats, whom in regard to cultural facilities might feel somewhat limited, not speaking Dutch fluently. That’s why they like to attend performances where language doesn’t pose a problem. The Nederlands Dans Theater, the international art filmhouse and concerts are an appropriate format to bring together this large group of residents. Highly educated expats form a strong community and like to meet each other in their leisure. Apart from the Embassy Festival (only held once a year), there are few opportunities to meet each other during a cultural event. With this project we want to change that.

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photography by The Hague based Piet Gispen: